The United States of the Internet

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The advertisements are up: Welcome to all visitors.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welcome to the United States of the Internet

The United States of the Internet is a new form of political community with the goal of promoting a fascination, understanding, and appreciation within the American people of the freedoms of their country as illustrated in the United States Constitution, by establishing itself as the centerpiece of debate on the world wide web.
It is my hope, as the creator of the USI, that this community will end up as a place where conservatives, liberals, and independents can enthusiastically express their differences (in both calm and passionate tones) yet still realize that the recognition of the importance of freedom, truth, and our God-given rights is what makes us all Americans. I look forward to a great deal of ideological conflict and struggling within the website's format, yet hope that those participating will retain their enthusiasm, and will not allow these conflicts to hamper the true purposes of this community.
The USI's format is based upon three separate entities; The blog, the political message board, and the government simulation. It is the combination of elements from all three that has ended up as the United States of the Internet. The blog will be the voice of the website, and the most vocal aspect of its political climate. The message board will be where much of the debate takes place. The government simulation will stand as the thing which keeps the other two together, and will serve to create a more unique political experience.
I hope that what I have started here will become something for all of us to be proud of; something that will remain active and positive continuously throughout the blogosphere. When you get right down to it, the key to this is the participants, and so I will begin by thanking those who are currently interested in becoming members, and hope that you will remain involved for many years to come.